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WillJini.com is India’s leading company to provide Succession services which is also called as services related to “Will”, “Warasdar”, “Vasiyat” including Tax Planning, Advisory, Drafting of Will, Probate services and disputes / litigations for Will matters. WillJini has team of in-house experienced lawyers to provide all services for Indians, NRIs and foreigners having properties in India.

WillJini.com is the ‘only’ corporate registered member of Society for Will Writers of UK [“SWW”] which is world’s only University level non-profit organization for training in Will Writing.

WillJini offers unique and innovative Will Writing services on-line without any call, email or meeting. Just fill-up details and get your Legal Will - Affordable | Reliable | On-demand.

WillJini is promoted by a KPO Company [Knowledge Process Outsourcing] viz. www.esupportkpo.com which provides advisory and outsourcing services to Corporate, SMEs, foreign companies for matters related to Legal, Finance, Audits, Accounting, Taxation, Company Law, IPRs and Compliances. eSupportKPO has in past successfully launched innovative “on-line legal portal” viz. www.legaljini.com to provide legal services which launched initial awareness drive for Will services viz. Make-A-Will India”.

WillJini’s legal team conducted various awareness lectures and interactive seminars about Will to educate citizens, clearing myths, and importance of making a Will at any age, guidance on how to make a Will.

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To provide legal knowledge backed Succession services which are Affordable | Reliable | On-demand and to become a market leader in India as well as amongst Top 3 position globally.


WillJini has mission to create one million Wills in next 3 years with co-brand partnership with institutions like banks, insurance companies, wealth management companies and NGOs.

WillJini is also committed to create an awareness in society for much needed donations of body organs and / or charity for social causes under "Give Back" wishes while making a WILL.

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